Yacht Products


82F is the ultimate star product of the Maxi range! Designed by the world famous naval architect Mr. Howard Appolinio, the 80F is smoothly contoured, using its exhilarating performance to impress and exceptional style to seduce. With twin Caterpillar 1136HP engines, it can reach a speed of 25 knots effortlessly; equipped with higher power and surface piercing propellers, it will have a thrilling speed of 40 knots plus.


Mr. Howard Appolinio has over 40 years of luxury yacht design experience. He is highly regarded worldwide for accomplishment in vessel performance and styling. Thanks to Mr. Appolinio’s expertise in hull design, the Maxi 82F achieves better performance and efficiency compared to other similar models with the same power package. Meanwhile, a refinement to the arrangement and interior styling for more entertainment space makes the 82F more attractive to Asian boat owners.